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A little about Maximum Tax Relief:

Maximum Tax Relief was founded in 2019 when the founder recognized that there are 2 intertwined needs that plague most of our communities across America: financial education and self-growth. Through navigating, confronting, & overcoming the past, indulging in extreme education, and maintaining strong empathetic interactions with the community, she realized that helping people help themselves was her true calling.


At our core, we are fueled by passionate people who love the work they do, take ownership, and go the extra mile to make lasting impressions. An important part of our identity is that our teams actively try to nurture and maintain as we grow to new heights. Our familial bond is our greatest strength and a cherished asset and defines how each one of us works together for the bigger cause of our organization.


As part of your new expanded family, We hope you find our joyous energy and passion to work for you every day comforting while you handle your tax obligations. We look forward to you getting to know and grow with us. 


Once again, we welcome you to Maximum Tax Relief!




Maximum Tax Relief Founder

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